Continuous Testing Platform

What is Satori CI?

Satori-CI is a continuous testing platform that integrates with your CI process to simplify your software and system testing. We perform static and dynamic tests with our on-demand cloud platform to assert how your code and systems behave.

We are agnostic to your programming languages and we do not deploy agents. Satori uses playbooks where assertions are made about your executions. Additionally, there is a public playbook library that you can use to import additional tests that you may like.

Our tests can be executed whenever you push code, at a certain frequency or manually. 

Types of testing:

  • CI: We connect to continuous integration services as a DevSecOps model. We are capable of perform static analysis of source code, to check when building the software everything returns the expected code and when running the software the behavior of outputs and errors can be asserted.
  • Run on Demand: The same language used to build the continuous integration playbooks can be used to run on demand. This is useful when checking local code or live systems. You can also use our public repository of playbooks with your own parameters.
  • Monitor: When tests need to run with a certain frequency, a rate can be defined as a setting for them. This will allow monitoring using our platform and visualize behavior throughout time using our CLI with `satori-cli monitor`, Web or third-party tools such as Grafana.

Install Satori as part of your CI process:

Choose the instructions of where your main CI process lives:

  • Github CI
  • Github Actions
  • Gitlab
  • Jenkins

Install Satori CLI:

Install our CLI tool using pip:

pip install satori-ci

Configure your Satori CI token taken from our website under Team Settings:

satori-cli config token YOURTOKEN

With our CLI tool you are now able to start running Satori playbooks on demand or to launch monitors.


Check our documentation that contains multiple examples on how you can check your software and your live systems using Satori.